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China Energy Emerges with Flying Colors at the Second Competition of Central SOEs’ QC Team Achievements

Author:    Source: News and Media Center   Time: 2019-08-03   Font:【L M S

Recently, the Second Competition of Central SOEs’ QC (Quality Control) Team Achievements, co-sponsored by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) and China Association for Quality (CAQ), took place in Beijing. Entries submitted by China Energy achieved brilliant results — the “reducing the failure rate of hydraulic control one-way valve of roadheader” by the “Transcendence” QC team of the Equipment Maintenance Center of Shendong Coal Group won a first prize, and the “Transcendence” QC team was named by SASAC and CAQ as “2019 National Excellent QC Team;” and the “improving the success rate of 3-0 unit 10,000-ton train ascending long ramp” by the “Invincible Crew” QC team of the Locomotive Depot of Shenshuo Railway won a second prize.

Each central SOE was allowed to submit at most five QC achievements to the competition, and besides the two award winners, the other three entries of China Energy were “improving the utilization rate of air leakage control system for air preheater of No.14 boiler” by the “Golden Stone” QC team of the Boiler Division of Jianbi Power Company, the “reducing the maintenance failure rate of high voltage distribution equipment in mobile substation” by the “Transcendence” QC team of the Equipment Maintenance Center of Shendong Coal Group, and the “R&D of railway switch cleaning device” by the R&D QC team of Shuohuang Railway.

Among all the entries submitted by 75 central SOEs, a total of 189 were shortlisted, including two from China Energy which eventually took home a first and a second prizes, making China Energy stand out from other participants in the competition.

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