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Wang Xiangxi Inspects Zhungeer Energy Group and Attends 2nd Inner Mongolia International Energy Conference

Author:    Source: News and Media Center   Time: 2019-08-13   Font:【L M S

On August 9-11, Wang Xiangxi, chairman of the board of directors of the China Energy Investment Corporation, made an inspection tour to Zhungeer Energy Group and attended the Second Inner Mongolia International Energy Conference.

During the inspection of Zhungeer Energy Group, Wang visited the operation sites of Heidaigou Open Pit Coal Mine, equipment maintenance workshop and coal preparation station, where he gained detailed information about open pit coal mining technologies, usage and maintenance of relevant equipment, coal selection techniques and coal loading work. He also visited the group’s ecological construction projects and planting and breeding bases to understand its achievements in reclamation and afforestation of mine areas as well as eco-friendly agriculture and animal husbandry. At the demonstration plant for comprehensive utilization of fly ash, Wang listened to a report on coal comprehensive utilization and R&D as well as industrial development plans for circular economy, and inspected the alumina pilot testing workshop to understand details about techniques and equipment use at key links.

On August 10, Chairman Wang attended the Second Inner Mongolia International Energy Conference held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. Themed on “exploring a new path to high quality energy development oriented to ecological sustainability and green growth,” the conference attracted participation of more than 300 attendees including Nobel Prize winners and other globally renowned experts and scholars, foreign diplomats, executives of international organizations, academicians, leaders of relevant ministries and commissions, business leaders in the energy field, representatives from governments at the provincial level, representatives from universities and research institutes and journalists.

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