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‘Alarm Device for Double-arm Anchor Drill Wagon’ Developed by Shendong Coal Group’s Mining Preparation Center Awarded National Patent

Author:    Source: News and Media Center   Time: 2019-08-13   Font:【L M S

Recently, the “Alarm Device for Double-arm Anchor Drill Wagon” independently developed by Shendong Coal Group’s Mining Preparation Center passed the examination by the National Intellectual Property Administration and obtained the patent of utility model.

With a pressure conversion switch added to the walking and platform lifting circuit of the hydraulic system of the double-arm anchor drill wagon, the pressure signal will be transformed into electrical signal and transferred to the voice alarm device to give out an acousto-optic alarm signal. As long as the wagon moves and the platform rises and falls, corresponding voice prompt will be heard. The pressure switch is mainly composed of a jacking rod, a precision spring and a fretting switch. When the medium pressure changes, the spring expansion also changes accordingly. When the pressure reaches the set value, the jacking rod will be pushed to pressure down the fretting switch to close the switch contact and send a switch signal to the electronic control system to achieve the control purpose.

The device solves the original problem of a lack of alarm signal prompt when the double-arm anchor drill wagon walks and the platform rises or falls, which may lead to a danger of injury upon workers on the site. The new device can effectively protect the safety of workers in high-altitude operations.

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