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Gao Song Attends China Energy-sponsored Donation Ceremony for College Students in Hotan

Author:    Source: News and Media Center   Time: 2019-08-23   Font:【L M S

On August 20, China Energy Deputy CEO Gao Song attended a China Energy-sponsored donation ceremony for college students in Hotan Prefecture held in Hotan City, Hotan Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. More than 80 journalists from xinhuanet.com, people.com.cn, Xinjiang Daily, Xinjiang TV Station and other media outlets attended and covered the event.

Deputy secretary of the Party committee of Hotan Prefecture hailed China Energy’s efforts being carried out to actively implement the national pairing-assistance program and extensively participate in livelihood project construction in frontier areas inhabited by ethnic minorities. He said that China Energy’s education donation program in Hotan and education facility construction for a primary school in Yutian County testify to its commitment to and fulfillment of social responsibility as a central SOE. The company has provided financial assistance to impoverished college students in Hotan for five consecutive years, and this touching and inspiring charitable deed will promote the cultivation of high-caliber talents and solve problems existing in development in Hotan Prefecture, he added.

After the donation ceremony, Gao Song held talks with beneficiary students, inquired about their living and study conditions, and welcomed them to visit China Energy headquarters someday. A representative of the aided college students from impoverished households in Kutiqi Village expressed gratitude to China Energy for its assistance in making his college dream a reality. He said he would study hard and repay the society with excellent grades.

From 2015 to 2018, China Energy donated a total of 10 million yuan to education, which benefited 2,000 impoverished college students in Hotan. From 2019 to 2022, the company plans to invest another 10 million yuan to subsidize 2,000 college students in four batches.

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