China Energy Investment Corporation (China Energy) boasts a complete industrial chain ranging from coal, power and transportation to chemicals. The traditional, diversified industrial categories pose serious challenges on the corporation’s efforts to accelerate transformation and upgrading and enhance quality and efficiency. At the same time, rapid advancement of information technology provides great opportunities for digital transformation. With the improvement of full-factor productivity as the focus, China Energy takes active actions to promote in-depth integration between energy production and advanced information technology and comprehensively promote the construction of intelligent mines and power plants, intelligent transportation, and intelligent chemical production, with an aim to take the lead in “intelligence + energy” technological innovation.

Digital-driven Intelligent Production

  • Intelligent Power Plants

    China Energy continues advancing green, low-carbon development and promoting the development of clean coal-fired power generation and the large-scale development of its new energy business. It strives to spearhead the country’s efforts to “peak carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.”GD Power Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Energy, established China’s first “5G+” intelligent coal-fired power plant. Its independently developed 28nm IoT intelligent chip marked a new breakthrough of intelligent edge computing in the coal-fired power genera...

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  • Intelligent Chemical Manufacturing

    China Energy has actively advanced comprehensive digitalization of the chemical industry, for the purpose of achieving the goals of completing a data-driven intelligent manufacturing system, safety risk control system, and intelligent operation and decision-making system by the end of 2022. Leveraging the intelligent control system, it has maintained safe, stable and clean operations of the world’s first and only 1 million ton direct coal-to-liquid (CTL) demonstration project and the 4 million ton indirect CTL demonstration project with the largest investment, blazing a new path for enhancing and guara...

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  • Intelligent Mining

    China Energy strives to promote intelligent, safe, efficient and green coal mining, and has set the goal to achieve fully intelligent coal mining by 2022. So far, it has completed a number of intelligent coal mining faces, intelligent excavation faces, and intelligent coal washing plants. Nine of its coal mines have been listed among national demonstration intelligent coal mines.Coal mines operated by China Energy are working to accelerate intelligent transformation. The Shangwan Coal Mine has set up the world’s first 8.8-meter super-large intelligent working face. The Jinjie C...

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  • Intelligent Transportation

    China Energy has actively accelerated construction of pilot projects to enhance the intelligent capacity of its transport system, making greater contributions to advancing China’s transport restructuring and boosting the country’s transportation capacity. Through developing the heavy-haul railway LTE network, applied systems, and terminal equipment, China Energy became the first in the world to provide LTE-based heavy-haul railway transport services. It also put into use a railway scheduling system that serves as the “smart brain” and “central nervous system” to command railway transportation...

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