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Haerwusu Coal Mine: Promoting Intelligent Mining through Technological Innovation

Author:    Source: Communication Company   Time: 2021-03-03   Font:【L M S

On February 23, with the help of the intelligent guiding system, a number of dragline strippers achieved precision mining at the Haerwusu Open-pit Coal Mine of Shenhua Zhungeer Energy Co., Ltd. under China Energy. The intelligent guiding system was developed by the coal mine itself, for which it has independent intellectual property.

An electric shovel equipped with the intelligent guiding system and a truck work together at the mine.

The system features GNSS three-satellite multi-frequency positioning, directional technology and IoT technology. With the help of cloud server and industrial tablet PC, it can achieve precision guiding of electric excavators via software control. The management terminal controls the three-dimensional indicators of electric excavators, as well as data including operation level, position, pitch angle, speed and direction. It can also issue operation command via webpage and app in real time, and realize integrated management of electric excavator mechanical information, crew information, and personnel information. The industrial tablet PC at the excavator terminal displays operation level and guiding information, without the need of human measuring operations. This enables electric excavators to freely operate at night, thus enhancing excavation efficiency.

Since the trial use of this system, the monthly output of the 2#WK-55 electric excavator has been increased by 14.2%. Its overburden amount exceeded 10 million cubic meters in 2020, equal to 147.15% of the planned volume. Moreover, the system has greatly improved the engineering quality of the 2#WK55 electric excavator, avoiding additional costs arising from unsatisfying engineering quality. The electric excavator’s performance is obviously greater than that of its peers in the monthly engineering quality evaluation in the Haerwusu Coal Mine.

According to its designers, the system can be used to guide all types of equipment in open-pit mines and play a great role in enhancing overall production efficiency and benefits.

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