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  • Chn Energy Departments
    • 1.Discipline Inspection Group
    • 2.Department of General Affairs(Office of Party Leadership Group, Office of Board of Directors)
    • 3.Organization and Personnel Department(HR Department)
    • 4.Party Work Department(Publicity Department of Party Committee, United Front Work Department of Party Committee, Direct-affiliated Office of Party Committee, Communist Youth League Committee)
    • 5.Office of Inspection Work
    • 6.Strategic Planning Department
    • 7.Finance Department
    • 8.Capital Operation Department
    • 9.Corporate Governance and Legal Affairs Department(Reform Office)
    • 10.Safety and Environmental Supervision Department
    • 11.Science and Technology Department(Office of Science and Technology Commission, Major Projects Office)
    • 12.Information Technology Department
    • 13.International Cooperation Department(Overseas Corporation Office, U.S. Business Office)
    • 14.Audit Department
    • 15.Workers' Union Department
    • 16.Department of Coal and Transportation
    • 17.Department of Power Generation
    • 18.Department of Chemicals
    • 19.Production Dispatching Center
    • 20.Procurement Supervision Department
    • 1.China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd.
    • 2.Guodian Power Development Co., Ltd.
    • 3.Longyuan Power Group Co., Ltd.
    • 4.China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Co., Ltd.
    • 5.Guodian Technology & Environment Group Co., Ltd.
    • 6.Guodian Capital Holdings Ltd.
      (Guodian Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.)
    • 7.Shenhua Shendong Coal Group Co., Ltd.
      (China Shenhua Shendong Coal Branch)
    • 8.Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd.
    • 9.Guohua Power Company of China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd.
      (Beijing Guohua Power Co., Ltd.)
    • 10.Guodian North China Electric Power Co., Ltd.
    • 11.Shenhua Guoneng Group Co., Ltd.
      (Shenhua Shendong Power Co., Ltd.)
    • 12.Guodian Northeast China Electric Power Co., Ltd.
    • 13.Guodian Dadu River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.
    • 14.Shenhua Zhungeer Energy Co., Ltd.
    • 15.Inner Mongolia Pingzhuang Coal Group Co., Ltd.
    • 16.Shenhua Wuhai Energy Co., Ltd.
    • 17.Shenhua Xinjiang Energy Co., Ltd.
    • 18.Shenhua Baorixile Energy Co., Ltd.
    • 19.Guodian Jiangsu Power Co., Ltd.
    • 20.Guohua Energy Investment Co., Ltd.
      (Shenhua New Energy Co., Ltd.)
    • 21.Guodian Shandong Power Co., Ltd.
    • 22.Shenwan Energy Co., Ltd.
    • 23.Guodian Changyuan Electric Power Co., Ltd.
      (Guodian Hubei Power Co., Ltd.)
    • 24.China Guodian Corporation Xinjiang Branch
      (Guodian Xinjiang Power Co., Ltd.)
    • 25.Guodian Anhui Power Co., Ltd.
    • 26.Guodian Jiangxi Power Co., Ltd.
    • 27.Shuohuang Railway Development Co., Ltd.
    • 28.China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd. Shenshuo Railway Branch
    • 29.Shenhua Trading Group Ltd.
      (Shenhua Coal Trading Co., Ltd.)
    • 30.Guodian Fuel Co., Ltd.
    • 31.Shenhua Materials Group Ltd.
    • 32.Guodian Science and Technology Research Institute
    • 33.Beijing Low-carbon Clean Energy Research Institute
    • 34.Guodian New Energy Technology Research Institute
    • 35.National Energy Technologies and Economics Research Institute
    • 36.Shenhua Baotou Energy Co., Ltd.
      (Shenhua Group Baotou Mining Co., Ltd.)
    • 37.Shenhua Beidian Shengli Energy Co., Ltd.
      (China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd. Shengli Energy Branch)
    • 38.Shenhua Hangjin Energy Co., Ltd.
    • 39.Inner Mongolia Dayan Mining Industry Group Co., Ltd.
    • 40.Guodian Guizhou Power Co., Ltd.
    • 41.Shenhua (Fujian) Energy Co., Ltd.
    • 42.Guodian Henan Power Co., Ltd.
    • 43.Guodian Fujian Power Co., Ltd.
    • 44.Guodian Sichuan Power Co., Ltd.
    • 45.Guodian Yunnan Power Co., Ltd.
    • 46.Guodian Guangxi Power Co., Ltd.
    • 47.Guodian Inner Mongolia Power Co., Ltd.
      (Guodian Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd.
      , China Guodian Corporation Inner Mongolia Branch)
    • 48.Guodian Gansu Power Co., Ltd.
    • 49.Guodian Shaanxi Power Co., Ltd.
    • 50.Shenhua Sichuan Energy Co., Ltd.
    • 51.Guodian Guangdong Power Co., Ltd.
    • 52.China Guodian Corporation Hunan Branch
    • 53.China Guodian Corporation Hainan Branch
    • 54.China Guodian Corporation Chongqing Branch
    • 55.China Guodian Corporation Qinghai Branch
    • 56.China Guodian Corporation Tibet Branch
    • 57.China Guodian Corporation Shanghai Branch
    • 58.China Guodian Corporation Ningxia Branch
      (Guodian Younglight Energy Chemical Group Co., Ltd.)
    • 59.China Guodian Corporation Zhejiang Branch
    • 60.China Guodian Corporation Tianjin Branch
    • 61.China Guodian Corporation Hebei Branch
    • 62.China Guodian Corporation Shanxi Branch
    • 63.China Guodian Corporation Jilin Branch
    • 64.China Guodian Corporation Heilongjiang Branch
    • 65.Guodian Jinshajiang Xulong Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.
      (Guodian Jinshajiang Benzilan Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.)
    • 66.Shenhua Railway Transportation Co., Ltd.
    • 67.Shenhua Huanghua Port Co., Ltd.
    • 68.Shenhua Baoshen Railway Group Co., Ltd.
    • 69.Shenhua Tianjin Coal Terminal Co., Ltd.
    • 70.Shenhua Zhonghai Shipping Co., Ltd.
    • 71.Rail Mechanization Maintenance Branch of China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd.
    • 72.Shenhua Mengdong Railway Co., Ltd.
    • 73.China Energy Coal Coking Co., Ltd.
    • 74.China Energy Saving Emission Reduction Co., Ltd.
    • 75.Shenhua Finance Co., Ltd.
    • 76.Shenhua Geological Exploration Co., Ltd.
    • 77.Guodian Materials Group Co., Ltd.
    • 78.China Shenhua Overseas Development & Investment Co., Ltd.
    • 79.Guodian Property Co., Ltd.
    • 80.Shenhua International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
    • 81.China Shenhua International Engineering Co., Ltd.
    • 82.Shenhua Information Technology Co., Ltd.
      (Shenhua HollySys Information Technology Co., Ltd.)
    • 83.Shenhua Australia Holdings Pty Limited