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World's First Methodology for Emission Reduction Through Hydrogen Production in Renewable Energy Receives Approval

Author:    Source: Communication Company   Time: 2023-10-10   Font:【L M S

On October 8th, it was reported fr0m the China Hydrogen Alliance that the world's first methodology for emission reduction through hydrogen production in renewable energy, proposed and led by the research institute of the alliance, was recently approved during the 119th meeting of the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Executive Board. It has now officially become the 124th large-scale methodology under the CDM, filling the global gap in methodologies for carbon emission reduction fr0m hydrogen production using renewable energy.

Since May 2022, the Research Institute of the China Hydrogen Alliance, in collaboration with China Energy’s Hydrogen Energy Tech Company (also called Guohua Investment Management Co., Ltd.,), Hydrogen Trace Technology Co., Ltd., and other institutions, has conducted extensive research and systematic studies on the emission reduction potential of hydrogen production in renewable energy. They continuously optimized key factors such as the system boundary for emission reduction in renewable energy hydrogen production and the proportion of renewable energy used. Ultimately, they proposed the methodology for emission reduction through hydrogen production in renewable energy.

In the future, leveraging this opportunity, the China Hydrogen Alliance will play its role as a national-level hydrogen energy industry think tank, promoting the implementation of carbon emission accounting and carbon asset development demonstration projects for producing renewable hydrogen energy, serving the high-quality development of China's hydrogen industry.

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