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The Longest Bionic Fishway Project in Asia Begins Construction

Author:    Source: Communication Company   Time: 2024-04-17   Font:【L M S

Recently, the initial concrete pouring of the bottom slab lining for the fishway tunnel at the CHN Energy Jinchuan Hydropower Station on Dadu River marked the beginning of the concrete pouring construction phase of the fishway project.

Located in Jinchuan County and Maerkang City within the Aba Zang(Chinese name for “Tibetan”) and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, the Jinchuan Hydropower Station, with a total installed capacity of 860 MW, is a key energy development project to promote economic and social development in Zang ethnic areas such as Qinghai and Sichuan Province during the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan. This station employs a long natural tributary combined with a long-distance tunnel to construct a bionic fishway, which is 5.02 kilometers long, the longest in Asia, enabling fish migration upstream. The fishway tunnel section is 961.5 meters long with about 16,000 cubic meters of concrete lining, featuring a maximum width of 6 meters and a height of 9.5 meters.

Since 2019, the CHN Energy Jinchuan Hydropower Station has been committed to protecting aquatic biological resources in the Dadu River basin and maintaining the ecological balance of aquatic species. Research on key technologies for the bionic fishway began, including supplemental testing of fish swimming abilities, phototactic behaviors of the fish, in-situ observations of fish migration channels, and electrotactic behavior experiments. The CHN Energy Jinchuan Hydropower Station actively preserves the native environment of the unique aquatic species of the Dadu River, continuously innovates fishway design concepts, and effectively safeguards ecosystem diversity, stability, and sustainability.

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