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CHN Energy NICE's Fuel Cell Based on Coal Gasification Technology Reaches International Leading Level

Author:    Source: Communication Company   Time: 2024-05-23   Font:【L M S

On May 17, the “Technology of Fuel Cell Power Generation based on Coal Gasification System with Near-Zero CO2 Emissions" project, led by the CHN Energy and undertaken by the National Institute of Clean-and-low-carbo Energy (NICE) under CHN Energy, reached international leading level.

IGFC (Integrated Gasification Fuel Cell) is a power generation technology that combines coal gasification with high-temperature fuel cells. This technology allows coal-based power generation to transition from pure thermal cycle power generation to electrochemical power generation, significantly improving coal power efficiency, and reducing CO2 capture costs. The power supply efficiency can reach over 55%. IGFC is a revolutionary cutting-edge technology for achieving the “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” goals. It is significant for reducing CO2 emission and promoting the clean, low-carbon, and efficient use of coal.

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